About Us

Who are we?

Theatre Trent is a student levy group of Trent University dedicated to supporting theatrical endeavors throughout the Trent community.

Click here to see a short video showcasing Theatre Trent-funded productions!

Theatre Trent provides funding for theatre and multidisciplinary performances. Do you want to develop skills on stage and behind the scenes? Do you have an original – or old favourite – script you want to see in action? Are you interested in one of the many theatre-related Trent courses? Theatre Trent’s mission is to nurture Trent student life by funding accessible and inclusive creativity for hundreds of students. For less than the price of a coffee, you can help support hundreds of Trent students. This small-but-mighty levy also provides support for practicum courses, and opportunities for Trent University students to connect with alumni and the wider community. For-credit research creation projects in the English, Cultural Studies, Public Texts (English MA), and Indigenous Studies departments rely on Theatre Trent to support performance-based research. Working with Trent’s School of Business, we offer Experiential Learning internship opportunities in marketing and communications.

What do we do?

Theatre Trent does not mount its own productions. Rather, we assist aspiring theatre makers in several ways. The first and possibly most important assistance we can provide is through financial support for your project. Do you want to put on a play? We can help you with the cost of space rental for rehearsals and performances, and the cost of equipment rentals, costumes and props. All you need to do is apply.

Who helps us out?

Theatre Trent also has storage space: The Costume Vault at 159 King Street. This treasure trove of useful stuff – funky, foolish, fearsome and even functional – includes costumes and props from past Theatre Trent productions, all available for borrowing at no cost to Trent theatre makers. You may alter props and costumes for your production. If you would like to browse our inventory just send an email to our account theatretrent@trentu.ca to schedule an appointment to view the Vault.

Theatre Trent has formed a partnership with The Theatre on King (TTOK). If you plan to use TTOK for some or all of your rehearsals or for performances, please contact TTOK directly and arrange times, dates, and costs. Generally Theatre Trent will cover any rehearsals and performances at TTOK. The Theatre on King is an intimate, simple, low maintenance space that is easily transformable for many types of presentations: classes, readings, workshops, dances, rehearsals, performances and more. It is an experiment, a laboratory where both professional and amateur artists will be able to explore, learn and hone their skills, encourage and inspire each other, and create a sense of community. It is located at 171 King Street in the heart of lively, keeping-it-real downtown Peterborough.

When to apply to Theatre Trent for funding?

Applications for funding are received three times yearly: in the fall (October 15th) for Winter/Spring productions; in the Winter (February 15th) for Spring/Summer productions; and, in spring (April 15th) for Summer/Fall productions.

Fill out the on-line application form and we will contact you. Please be as complete and SPECIFIC as possible. Tell us which venue you will be using and how much they are charging you for what period of time. Tell us how much you will be paying for paint and cardboard and sequins and feather boas and fake blood and tech rentals and roller blades and first aid kits and bandaids. Break your costs right down. And give us a complete participant list. We want to get your money to you as soon as possible. If we have to track you down for more information it stalls the process.

What to consider when applying for Theatre Trent assistance:

You will be informed of the results within approximately 2 weeks of application. Due to the volume of applications, amounts awarded may be less than requested. Theatre Trent cannot guarantee that every application will receive funding.

Please note that Theatre Trent funds cannot be used to pay artist fees or the fees of technical personnel. Funds also cannot be used to pay for living expenses or beer. Etc!

The executive meets to review each application, discuss the requests, and to decide on the amount to be funded to each group. To be eligible for Theatre Trent funding, productions must have a cast and crew composed of at least 50% current Trent students, alumni, and/or faculty/staff. Funding recipients are required to sign a contract (see sample), and after the production to submit a final report, including receipts and detailed documentation of their budget allocation (see that sample too). Also, all costumes and props acquired through Theatre Trent funding must be returned to Theatre Trent post-production.

For our archives, we also look for audience attendance numbers, and numbers of Trent artists and technical personnel engaged in your work, as well as a copy of your fabulous publicity materials such as posters!

How do I apply?

To apply, click on the Online Application Form button and fill out the easy-breezy application form. Also, please examine the Sample Application, the Sample Contract, and the sample Sample Final Report. If your application is approved, you will be required to sign a contract, and also to submit a final report within 30 days of your production’s close. Failure to do so will result in future applications to Theatre Trent being DENIED.

Please note: Theatre Trent does not fund salaries.

If you are a Trent student or alumni who needs some funding for a theatre project, and your project meets the above requirements, we want your proposals – the more the merrier!

We look forward to hearing from you.


Theatre Trent is one of Trent University’s oldest levy groups. But much of that history has been lost in the mists of time! We are interested in any and all information about the group. If you have a story, an old newspaper article, any archival materials at all, please send them on!

From 1980, here is an article from the Peterborough Examiner, and a copy of the press release which Theatre Trent sent out in support of their referendum (successful) to become a levy group. “The more contentious vote on a levy at the time was for what was then called the Trent Homophilia Society or association…” Many thanks to Bill Kimball and Ben Henderson for these archival documents and information!